InsideOut Yoga offers you an entirely new spiritual, emotional, and psychological relationship
to your body and your experience of life. This includes learning practical anatomy and
physiology; investigating your response to challenges on your yoga mat and noting how
those responses reflect the way you respond to other life challenges – allowing you the
opportunity to choose your response; acquiring the invaluable skills of centering and
relaxing; releasing muscular tension through skilled movement and releasing emotional
tension through talking, using yoga postures to release stuck energy patterns and relaxing
deeply. Our commitment is to empower you to live a full and fulfilling life.
InsideOut Yoga provides you access to sessions for stretching and strengthening your body,
healing emotional issues and participating in a group which fosters positive body image. You
may wish to participate in a group setting or privately; at InsideOut Yoga or in the privacy
of your home. From couples to individuals to groups, we offer support and guidance on your
path to discovering a body and a life you love.

Most services are offered in person; however, some services are available over the phone.

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