choose consciously

Kim has put together a CD designed to help you choose consciously and calm the compulsive and impulsive side of your being.

This CD was created for use in the Body Image groups offered at InsideOut Yoga. It is useful for anyone struggling with anxiety or compulsive behaviours of any kind. By using a mindful process, one can cope with these concerns in a safe, gentle and nurturing way.

Track 1 Intro (1:00)

Track 1 (5:30) – Impulse Investigation

A guided exploration of unwanted impulses; begin to connect with the sensations and feelings underlying your compulsive/addictive behaviors. Use this meditation when you feel an unwanted impulse arising.

Track 2 Intro (2:07)

Track 2 (11:00) Guided Meditation

A led meditation focusing on the breath as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. Phrases and words are paired with the inhalation and exhalation to bring full awareness to the breath and its effects on the body.

Track 3 (8:05) Eating Meditation

Use this meditation to slow down and connect with the process of eating. It promotes increased awareness of not only the tastes and sensation of the food you eat, but also the motivation behind your eating.

Track 4 (23:45) Gentle Yoga Practice

Begins with a pranayama (breathing) exercise, transitions into a sequence of movement emphasizing connection to the breath. Practice design allows you to move slowly, with awareness and gentleness, connecting to your body and how it moves from the inside out.

Track 5 Intro (2:58)

Track 5 (12:06) Body Scan

A guided mindfulness practice exploring the sensations present in the body, which promotes a deep state of relaxation.