InsideOut Yoga Studio Seattle JUSTIN WHITAKER Teachers Meditation Classes


Mindfulness/Meditation with Justin Whitaker

Scientific studies show that a regular Meditation and Mindfulness practice can reduce stress, increase immune function, decrease pain, improve productivity and self-control, and physically change your brain for the better. In this four-week course we will draw from recent scientific developments, 2500 years of Buddhist wisdom, and our own individual experience in developing a regular habit of meditation and mindfulness in our everyday lives. Please plan to attend all four classes as this is a progressive series.

In our class we will cover a detailed schedule including: 

1: Introducing mindfulness, posture, body-scan and breathing

2: Community matters, Heart-meditation (metta or loving-kindness) 

3: Happiness, ethics, and everyday life, Hindrances to deep meditation

4: Open awareness, taking meditation into the world

THURSDAYS, starting Feb 1, 7:30-9:00 pm

Please arrive 10 minutes early

Wear comfortable clothing and layers are recommended to be able to adjust for warmth or cold, the room should be kept at 68 degrees

Chairs and cushions/mats are provided

Refund policy: Full course cost will be refunded upon request until one week before class. Then 50% will be refunded until 48 hours before class. Then 20% will be refunded until class begins. Then no refund will be given.

Email: buddhistethics@gmail.com
Phone: 406-431-6220