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Explore New Possibilities
Saturdays, October 22, November 12
1:30 – 4:30pm, $45

Here’s an opportunity for you to see what your body could really do when properly warmed up and prepared for a pose!

You will surprise yourself!

In this three-hour intensive you will work with the particular theme and focus pose of the current 8-week series. In our weekly classes we have 1-1/4 hour to lay the groundwork for our focus pose. As such we tend to focus on one area of the body each week. With three hours we will explore all aspects of the pose and thoroughly prepare your body to move as deeply as possible into the more intense postures. You will know more completely what exactly it is that stands in your way and very likely find that it is less of an obstacle when you’ve had more time to warm your body to construct the pose. Be prepared to be amazed. Really!

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TRE®: Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

An Introductory Workshop with Jessica Schaffer, Certified TRE® Provide/Trainer


Friday, TBD, 6:30 – 9:00pm; Saturday, TBD, 11:00am – 1:00pm; $95 per person (early bird pricing of $85 if paid on or before March 1)


An Innovative approach to releasing trauma and cultivating emotional resilience . . .

Inside our bodies there is a natural mechanism for unwinding and released deeply held tension that has accumulated due to everyday life events, immediate or prolonged stress, or traumatic life experiences. TRE® uses a set of seven gentle exercises which evoke a self-controlled, muscular tremor reflex deep in the core of the body. Similar to the shaking that animals in the wild exhibit when they have survived a threat, this reflex is the body’s natural way of discharging stored energy and rebalancing the nervous system. TRE® is easily learned, has immediate impact for most people, and can be integrated into a simple weekly routine to help mitigate the impact of past or present trauma and restore a sense of emotional resiliency.

Whether you are a victim of violence, suffering with PTSD, a survivor of an accident, or simply someone who wants to feel better about life, you can benefit from TRE®. Class not appropriate for pregnant women.

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Yoga Teacher Training, Tier I
October, 2016 through May, 2017, 100 hours, six-month training

Come join a small committed community of dedicated practitioners. In this six-month course you will: Deepen your own practice. Explore the intricacies of the yogic path. Learn how to share this transformative practice with others. You will complete this course with the skills and confidence to teach to others.

Prerequisites: One year of yoga classes, a desire to delve more deeply your practice, 5 classes at InsideOut Yoga, Application and Interview with Director of Teacher Training.

Why commit to this: To deepen your yoga practice, build a community like you may never have known possible, explore a new career opportunity, improve your ability to see and communicate with others in a compassionate manner. Give yourself the opportunity to know yourself as an amazing, empowered person who makes a difference.

Coursework Requirements: Six-month commitment – 7 weekend intensives – 12 hours, instruction and practice teaching, observe/assist ten classes, complete homework as assigned and attend one class at a new yoga studio.

FREE INFORMATION SESSIONS: Sunday, August 28, 10:30am – 11:30am, Monday, September 5, 6:30pm – 7:30pm. Meet the Director of InsideOut Yoga’s Teacher Training course as well as some past graduates. Get your questions answered in person!

Cost: $1550 or $275 per weekend.

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I Can Cook, Too! Holiday Cookies

For ages 2 to 3. Baking cookies is a cherished holiday activity, especially for the very young. In this fun class, parent and child will work together to roll, cut and decorate Gingerbread People and make Jam Thumbprint Cookies. Little bakers will be ready to share their holiday goodies with everyone on their list. Vegetarian with dairy and eggs.

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Malleable Mondays
Mondays, Stay tuned for dates for Yoga and Strength Conditioning, 6:30-8:30pm, $30 or $160 for the series

Rotating themes based on time of year, aiming to provide the most supportive and timely practices yoga has to offer

For this time of year that means grounding and restoring. Contemplate the possibility of feeling calm and centered, able to savor holiday joys and weather their stresses. Restorative Yoga and Meditation have been scientifically proven to provide many benefits including enhanced immune system function, increased concentration, reduced stress level, and a more positive attitude toward life.

In these six weeks you will learn breathing practices, meditation techniques and yoga poses that you can do any time, anywhere to restore your natural grace and equanimity. The workshop is designed for those with little or no meditation or yoga experience, although experienced practitioners seeking support in their practice are welcome as well. Numerous tools will give you the opportunity to find what suits you best. Please be willing to commit to a daily 10 minutes practice for the duration of this workshop.

No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary to participate!


Private Yoga Sessions
Monday and Tuesday afternoons by appointment, $100 or sign up for 4 appointments and save 10%.

Previous yoga or meditation experience is not necessary to participate.

Individual Class Information


Realize Your radiance

On Hold for 2016. Please check back for 2017 information!


For more information on any of the above workshops or to register please email us or call: 206.992.4808.

Private Yoga Sessions
Monday and Tuesday afternoons by appointment, $100 or sign up for 4 appointments and save 10%.

Previous yoga or meditation experience is not necessary to participate.

Individual Class Information


For more information on any of the above workshops or to register pleaseemail us or call: 206.992.4808.


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