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Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of different yoga class levels for students of all abilities.

Gentle Yoga Classes

This class is an excellent introduction to yoga for anyone who has been curious but intimidated or put off by what they’ve heard about yoga or by photos of advanced yoga postures. Truly yoga is geared toward the individual, making it accessible to anyone regardless of size, shape or fitness level. In these yoga classes, instruction will be gentle, detailed and slow paced – ideal for those with injuries or who have been inactive for any reason, or anyone who just prefers a slower moving, more meditative practice.


Provides a thorough introduction to basic seated and standing poses. You will practice mindful movement, learn principles of safe alignment, build strength, flexibility and stamina while laying the foundation for a deeper yoga practice.

Level I

Build on your foundation, deepen and refine your basic poses. Begin to explore more challenging poses including preparation for inversions and backbends, while cultivating mindfulness, sensitivity, courage and equanimity.

Level II

Progress into a deeper more introspective practice. Learn to attend to increasingly subtle cues of your body. Explore more challenging variations of the basic poses and learn more complex poses. Refine inversions and backbends, while continuing to cultivate mindfulness, sensitivity, courage and equanimity.


Designed for those interested in this life enhancingpractice but put off by pretzel-like images. The practice of yoga is meant to be adapted to the individual needs and capabilities with focus on developing self awareness. You will use props and adapted poses to create a safe experience suitable for those who wish, for any reason, to move slowly and intentionally.

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