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InsideOut Yoga hosts independent teachers with varied specialties that support you in connecting with yourself and the community.



Holly is an Integrated Movement Therapist and Yoga Teacher.
She has been exploring movement and recovery for more than 25 years. She is a professional dancer and teaching artist who has explored a variety of movement therapies. She is a Zen Buddhist, who is interested in the practice and expression of an embodied life.
Holly aims to cultivate spaces of connection and healing through self-study, joy and non-dual awareness. 
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Christa’s yoga journey began as a way to get more exercise and has developed into a whole person experience. From her practice, she has learned that acceptance happens only when we are honest and open with ourselves. She has experienced the stress and frustration that can occur from pursuing what is not her passion and so feels compelled to share with others that which sustains her physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her approach to practice is quiet, calm, steadfast and solid. She believes the practice of yoga takes both patience and courage to achieve one’s full expression. Blending her favorite bits of many yoga traditions she promotes a sense of balance that will leave students feeling energized, relaxed, calm and uplifted.
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Letty Limbach

Letty Limbach has spent most of her life studying various forms of movement and has been teaching and performing belly dance in Seattle for over 8 years. She has taken master classes with numerous world-renowned instructors and was incredibly honored to receive her teaching certification in Rachel Brice’s Datura Style format in July of 2017. Letty strives to create a safe, nurturing, accepting atmosphere in her classes and is passionate about not only helping her student grow in their technique as dancers, but also about giving them tools to help them grow creatively. Letty offers low-income and student pricing for her classes.