Class Descriptions

We offer a variety of different class levels for students of all abilities.


Designed for those interested in this life enhancing practice but put off by pretzel-like images. The practice of yoga is meant to be adapted to the individual needs and capabilities with focus on developing self awareness. You will use props and adapted poses to create a safe experience suitable for those who wish, for any reason, to move slowly and intentionally.

Gentle and Therapeutic

Class contingent on student needs. During check in at outset of class, students will make requests based on needs of their bodies. Teacher will weave poses and therapeutic practices together to create a sequence addressing individual requests.


Provides a thorough introduction to basic seated and standing poses. You will practice mindful movement, learn principles of safe alignment, build strength, flexibility and stamina while laying the foundation for a deeper yoga practice.

Level I

Build on your foundation, deepen and refine your basic poses. Begin to explore more challenging poses including preparation for inversions and backbends, while cultivating mindfulness, sensitivity, courage and equanimity.

Level II

Progress into a deeper more introspective practice. Learn to attend to increasingly subtle cues of your body. Explore more challenging variations of the basic poses and learn more complex poses. Refine inversions and backbends, while continuing to cultivate mindfulness, sensitivity, courage and equanimity.
Assisted Independent Practice (returning next spring)

In this class you will be given a written sequence to practice. The first class of the session will be taught. Each subsequent week you will come in, pick up the sequence, we’ll begin together then you will practice on your own (with assistance available during the practice), then we’ll close together.

You are also welcome to take class with these teachers when you need to do a make up class.
Beginner/Gentle with Christa

Slower paced practice incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening exercises, breathing practices and restorative poses.

All Levels with Christa

Yoga postures and breathing practices with an emphasis on alignment and options for modifications to help expand your yoga experience.

Christa’s yoga journey began 15 years ago as a way to get more exercise and has developed into a whole person experience. From her practice, she has learned that acceptance happens only when we are honest and open with ourselves. She has experienced the stress and frustration that can occur from pursuing what is not her passion and so feels compelled to share with others that which sustains her physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her approach to practice is quiet, calm, steadfast and solid. She believes the practice of yoga takes both patience and courage to achieve one’s full expression. Blending her favorite bits of many yoga traditions (including Iyengar, Viniyoga and Anusara) she promotes a sense of balance that will leave students feeling energized, relaxed, calm and uplifted.
Phone: 425-890-5135
Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement(r) with LeeAnn Starovasnik GCFP

Regardless of age or conditions, students report participation in Feldenkrais Method(r) private sessions and classes: relieves chronic pain and discomfort, improves balance, posture and flexibility, increases energy, optimism and self-compassion, reduces stress, fatigue and self-judgment and improves performance, concentration and self-image. Private sessions and classes work!

LeeAnn Starovasnik
Phone: 206- 372-8822