Workshops are an opportunity to deepen an aspect of your practice with minimal interruption to your daily life.


Come see the amazing changes at the studio, those that are lovely to look at and those that will enhance our practice. Join in a FREE morning class with a new or familiar teacher. Get to know your community — fellow students and teachers. JOIN the PARTY at 2: Enjoy camaraderie, yummy snacks and raffle gifts.

We can’t wait to share yoga with you in our beautiful new space!

9:30 GENTLE Yoga with KIM A mellow, inclusive yoga sequence. This session offers alternatives to the yoga poses that allow you to reap all of the benefits yoga provides. All are welcome and it is specifically designed for those who feel hesitant about moving/exercising their bodies for any reason. A sample of Kim’s 2nd and 4th Sunday 10:45am class

10:15 AM BEGINNING/LEVEL I Yoga with NAOMI Provides introduction to basic poses. You will practice mindful movement, while learning some of the foundational yoga postures. A sample of Kim and Naomi’s 9am classes, Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Naomi’s Monday, Wednesday 7;45pm classes

11AM YOGA For Women in RECOVERY with HOLLY We will use yoga to befriend ourselves and our suffering. We recognize we are perfectly imperfect people in process. Through contemplation and study we will be able to explore where we are not being authentic in our lives. This is a sample of Holly’s Tuesday/Thursday 7:45pm class.

11:45am YOGA NIDRA with KIM Yoga Nidra is one of the most transformational practices of yoga, It is a guided profound relaxation that allows you to access your deepest wisdom.  A sample of Kim’s 2nd and 4th Sunday 10:45am class

12:30pm  BEGINNING/LEVEL I Yoga with NAOMI Yoga with Naomi Provides introduction to basic poses. You will practice mindful movement, while learning some of the foundational yoga postures.  A sample of Kim and Naomi’s 9am classes, Monday, Tuesday and Friday and Naomi’s Monday, Wednesday 7;45pm classes. 

1:15pm  ALL LEVELS Yoga with Holly Accommodation offered for students of all experience levels you will dive more deeply into the  poses. Based on your experience and comfort level, you will have the option to explore more challenging poses, while cultivating mindfulness, sensitivity, courage and equanimity. A sample of Holly’s Saturday, 10:45am class and Kim’s Wednesday 6pm class. 

2:00–4:00 PARTY with us!


Saturday, September 16
9:30am – 4pm



A robust and constantly evolving online program, which you can work on your own schedule according to your needs and wishes.

Learn more here.

$27 per month or pay $270 per year (receive two months free)


Annual Class in November/December.

An intensive mindfulness experience to help you find your center just in time for the holidays.

The pandemic has left many of us feeling stressed, anxious or just out of synch in our lives. Whether that resonates or not consider this might be a great time to  . . . 

Treat yourself to a time out.

Tune out the busyness of the city and join us for this urban meditation retreat. You’ll learn and practice the five mindfulness exercises as taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. Give yourself this gift of deep reflection and grounding and begin to reap the scientifically proven benefits of a dedicated meditation practice.

During the three Monday meetings you’l practice breathing, concentration, relaxation, seated and walking meditation. The Saturday meeting offers you the opportunity to experience a day of mindfulness, which will include seated and walking meditation, deep relaxation, a dharma talk and a mindful meal. You will experience the deepening that a day dedicated to turning inward provides.

Please be willing to commit to a 5 minute daily practice for the duration of the workshop.

Previous experience is not necessary to participate. 


*Includes all four sessions, handouts, recording of guided session and lunch on Saturday. In studio limited to five students. Register early to ensure your spot. 

Cost is $195 for online only participation. 

TESTIMONIAL: My husband and I use the meditation techniques learned in Urban Reset every day, and they have kept us grounded and positive throughout the pandemic – even through having a long and serious bout of COVID-19 ourselves. Our “happiness scores” on the ReWi app survey have continued to increase throughout 2020, despite increased life difficulties, and we attribute this to the daily meditation practice we learned from Kim. I would highly recommend Urban Reset in the best of times, and even more so right now!     ~ MC, Neuroscientist

Tuesdays, 8:00–8:20 pm PST

WEEKLY live stream sessions, you can enjoy from the comfort your own home. They reduce anxiety and promote deeper and more restful sleep.

Each week you will be led through a guided meditation, energy exercise or deep relaxation practice. These practices are profoundly relaxing and restorative to your nervous system. Practices include mindfulness, self compassion, body scan and many more.

Suggested donation $15.
Sign up here.

Reclaim Your Resilience

Check back in the spring for new dates

6:00 – 7:30 pm PST

Five weekly sessions designed to deepen your self understanding and self compassion. Topics include:

Elements of Ayurveda – general overview of Ayurveda and specific tools to understand how to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit.

Parts and Patterns – Bringing unconscious thoughts and behavior patterns to light

Polyvagal Theory – Applying this elegant theory to working with your nervous system

Addictive and Compulsive Behavior – Employing a yoga framework to use these behaviors as a path to greater awakening

The Four Brahmaviharas – Learning skillful mental habits to replace unhelpful thought patterns

$47 for one session. $200 for all five. 

No yoga or meditation experience is necessary to participate in this workshop.


Next Round coming up in August!

Adults should get to go to camp too! Here’s your opportunity for daily yoga camp without disruption to your regular daily life.

Here’s how it will work: i will develop a sequence for the class. I will teach it at the beginning of camp and give you a written copy of the sequence complete with stick figures. After the first two classes you will practice at your own pacing using the printed copy. 

Each day when you arrive you can let me know where in the sequence you would like support/tips. I will work with you individually when you reach that point in the sequence.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to practice daily and to receive individual attention, which will support you in developing your practice.  You will see what you can achieve in a short period of time with repeated practice. You will also get to enjoy the many benefits of a devoted daily practice.

$180 (includes all 10 sessions)


Coming Soon. Please contact Kim to be placed on waitlist to be notified.

The Yoga Sutras are 196 aphorisms divided into four books. They are considered the authoritative text on Classical Yoga.

This text enjoys wide applicability even to our modern lives. The Sutras provide a fresh means of looking at our humanity as well as tools for living our best lives.

The Sutras are divided into four chapters, each with its own theme. Each sutra or thread is multi-layered in meaning.  In our monthly meetings we will dive into the Sanskrit and English translations of the sutras and explore the nuances of meaning.

You will have monthly reading assignments. Once registered you’ll be advised which translation of the sutras to purchase.

$35 for one session or $125 for four.


Retreats offer you the opportunity to take a break from the often frenetic pace of city life, to deepen your connection to yourself and enjoy calm, beautiful surroundings.

Realize Your Radiance

Fall, 2023 Dates TBD – please come back! 
The Yoga Lodge on Whidbey Island

Come explore yoga and meditation in a natural setting while enjoying healing and delicious Ayurvedic meals. We will welcome in the beginning of summer light and bring forth our own light with practices designed to nurture body, mind and spirit. Return feeling refreshed, renewed and energized, ready for all that summer offers.


$575 if paid in full by May 10, 2019

Yoga and Cultural Adventures in Croatia

Spring, 2024 New Dates TBA

Join us for a life-changing adventure on the beautiful Istrian Peninsula  April 26 – May 3, 2020. Together we will: Practice Yoga and Meditation daily, Tour the idyllic Istrian towns of Rovinj, Motovun, Porec and Pula dotting the Tuscany-like rolling hills of the area, Dine in the region’s best “off the beaten path” farm to table restaurants, Explore incredible Roman ruins, including one of th most well-preserved amphitheaters anywhere, Linger and taste at one of the area’s prime wineries, Experience an olive oil farm named the finest producer in the world in 2016, Boat along the dazzling coastline while savoring an onboard picnic and Lodge in beautiful four-star accommodations. 


Early registration discount $1985 if registered and paid in full by February 26, 2020.

For more information about our workshops and retreats, contact Kim at (206) 992-4808 or email

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