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Open, Accept, Grow

Kim Trimmer, Body Positivity Catalyst, Radiance Cultivator, Non-performative Yoga Mentor, Industry Leader, Changemaker, Ally, began teaching yoga in 1998. She founded InsideOut Yoga in 1999 and created Realize Your Radiance in 2008. Her greatest passion is supporting students as they reconnect to their bodies and their inner wisdom. While they explore yoga poses and breathing practices, she encourages her students to gracefully accept their humanity, including their unique gifts and limitations; nudging them to grow into the recognition that there is nothing wrong here, they are just right exactly as they are.

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Kim has taught yoga to appreciative students from New York to Pennsylvania to Washington State. Her classes earn rave reviews and guide profound body and mindset transformations that take shape in the form of greater student confidence, deep gratitude for what matters most in life, and triumph over self-limiting beliefs.
Her compassionate, calm, and encouraging teaching style attends to the specific needs and abilities of each student. Kim focuses on breathing, body awareness and proper alignment. Kim’s practice and teaching are informed by her yoga therapy and yoga nidra training, meditation, education and experience as a counselor, dance training, ongoing explorations of mindfulness, physical therapy, metta (lovingkindness), neuroscience and Somatic Movement Education.
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