Yoga for Mind and Mood

Yoga postures have many physical benefits. Students report these benefits regularly (I never tire of hearing it, btw).

Yoga is also a wonderful antidote to the forward leaning posture so many adopt from working or playing at their computers, driving, reading, using their phones. It counters the effects of repetitive motion activities, strengthens intrinsic musculature, cultivates flexibility and teaches you to use your body in the most optimal ways.

Pretty amazing right?

Of equal, if not greater import, is the impact of the slow, mindful yoga we practice at InsideOut Yoga on your mind, your mood and your nervous system.

Especially in these post-pandemic days. With all of the tumult and tragedy in the world.

Sometimes a student will come once and say this is too gentle, I need a more physically demanding workout. Truly that is up to you. There are many studios that emphasize moving quickly, aerobically through poses, practice extreme poses and/or practice them in a heated room. I’m not trying to say there is not benefit to these types of practices as well. There definitely is.

However, our intent at InsideOut yoga is to provide a safe container, a container where you get to know your own body and its signals. Within that container, you can make this practice more physically demanding by moving with care maybe just a bit beyond your habitual end point in a pose or by staying a breath longer or by trying something new. You can stick with habits or you can choose to explore the poses more deeply. The students who stick around report those physical benefits and also the profound impact on their state of mind and inner sense of wellbeing.

Slow, mindful yoga

  • Builds resiliency
  • Promotes neuroplasticity
  • Improves memory and attention
  • Reduces stress

These effects accumulate with continued practice.

Kim Trimmer

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